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Surrey BC Driving Offences And Traffic Violations Lawyer

Driving Offence And Traffic Violation Lawyer In Surrey BC Canada

Surrey BC Driving Offences And Traffic Violations Lawyer

Keep Your Driving Privileges

If you are facing a traffic violation or a criminal offence that involves driving, you need a counsel who has a proven record of defending driving cases and understands the fine details of each driving law and regulation. Paul E. Briggs has over 20 years of experience in traffic court throughout the Lower Mainland and across British Columbia and can offer his knowledge and expertise to your situation as an experienced driving offence and traffic violation lawyer. 

What Driving Laws Are In British Columbia, Canada?

If you drive, you must follow all the applicable driving laws and drive safely. All the laws and regulations regarding driving are strictly and specifically enforced in Canada. There are different levels of governance in Canada’s driving laws that include federal, provincial, territorial laws and regulations and municipal bylaws. There are many serious criminal offences that involve driving under the Criminal Code of Canada. Such offences include impaired driving, impaired driving causing death, dangerous driving, and criminal negligence causing death. Majority of the offences under the federal laws relating to driving can be found in the Criminal Code of Canada. 

In the Province of British Columbia, driving laws are governed by several different laws including the Criminal Code of Canada, Motor Vehicle Act and other provincial regulations as well as municipal bylaws.

What Paul E. Briggs Law Can Do For Your Traffic Matter Or Charge

If you receive a violation under the Motor Vehicle Act, it is in your best interest to consult an experienced lawyer for advice. There are many important reasons why it makes a lot of sense to retain an experience traffic ticket lawyer. One of these reasons is to be able to make all the many technical arguments which may arise in your case. 

If you are facing a criminal offence that involves driving under the Criminal Code of Canada, it is very important to retain a criminal defence lawyer with many years of court experience in cross-examining and marshalling all of the relevant laws to your defence.  Our lawyer who has over 20 years experience as a criminal defence lawyer is committed to protecting his clients' legal rights and defending them against their criminal charges in British Columbia, Canada.

Contact Paul E. Briggs in Surrey BC Canada for a no-obligation Free Initial Consultation. 

  • Traffic Tickets Dispute

  • License Suspensions

  • Immediate Roadside Prohibition 

  • Driver Prohibitions

  • ICBC Administrative Driving Prohibition

  • Dangerous Driving

  • Impaired Driving

  • Criminal Negligence Causing Death

Criminal Defence Lawyer in Surrey BC Canada

Criminal Defence Lawyer In Surrey BC Canada

Assertive And Attentive Representation With Over 20 Years Experience

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