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Surrey Bail Hearing Lawyer In BC Canada

Surrey Bail Lawyer in Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley BC Canada

Obtaining bail allows you to deal with your charge out of custody while awaiting your trial or otherwise dealing with your case. A bail hearing can be one of the most critical stages in your case. Paul E. Briggs, a Surrey Bail Hearing Lawyer, has represented clients at bail hearings for every type of criminal charges in Surrey, Metro Vancouver and throughout BC, Canada. If you have been arrested, contact us to book a confidential and free initial consultation as soon as possible.

What happens at a bail hearing?

Generally the Crown must show the judge or the justice of peace why you shouldn’t be released into the community in many cases. However, 'reverse onus bail hearings' happen under certain circumstances and for some serious criminal offences in accordance with the rules that govern bail in the Criminal Code of Canada. 

How can an experienced criminal defence lawyer help me at my Bail Hearing?

Your lawyer can present information with supporting materials as well as supporting cases at your bail hearing.  An experienced criminal defence lawyer can also help you enhance the prospect of negotiating terms of your release which may not be as restrictive as what the Prosecutor is seeking. These conditions of your release are a very important consideration, as you must understand these conditions and follow them, while your case is ongoing in the court system. 

Bail Hearing: Clients
Criminal Defence Lawyer in Surrey BC Canada

Criminal Defence Lawyer In Surrey BC Canada

Assertive And Attentive Representation With Over 20 Years Experience

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