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Surrey BC  Civil Forfeiture Lawyer

Surrey BC Canada Civil Forfeiture Lawyer
Civil Forfeiture - Protect Your Assets Today

Civil Forfeiture


When law enforcement suspects a connection between certain items and a potential crime or its proceeds in Canada, they have the authority to seize them under reasonable grounds, even without laying criminal charges. 


The Impact of the Civil Forfeiture Act in BC


The Civil Forfeiture Act allows the Director of Civil Forfeiture to initiate legal action against assets suspected to be linked to illicit activities in British Columbia. This process can proceed even without criminal charges. Often, scenarios may involve individuals caught selling illegal drugs from a vehicle, even if it's a family member's car, resulting in the vehicle being designated as offense-related property.


Consult a Seasoned Surrey Civil Forfeiture Lawyer


If your property has been seized and hasn't been returned by the police, seeking experienced legal counsel is crucial. In civil forfeiture cases, securing a lawyer well-versed in both criminal defense and civil litigation is paramount for your defense. Contact our Surrey Civil Forfeiture Lawyer at Paul E. Briggs Law for a consultation. With over 20 years of trial experience in criminal defense and civil litigation, we're here to advocate for your case. 

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Solving Your Legal Issues in Surrey

As a Surrey lawyer with over two decades of experience, Paul E. Briggs Law is committed to providing exceptional legal services to those in Surrey and beyond. I understand that legal issues can be stressful, which is why I work tirelessly to provide personalized solutions for each of my clients.

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