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Surrey BC Canada Deportation Lawyer's
Notable Cases

Deportation Order 2020

Case of deportation order after a criminal conviction. Following extensive submissions and evidence presented by Mr. Briggs, the Immigration Appeal Board Member agreed to stay the deportation order with a minimum of condition.

Deportation Order 2016

Client was deported due to a criminal conviction. Mr. Briggs went to the Supreme Court of Canada and obtained a new hearing. After all criminal convictions were overturned, he prepared the immigration case and successfully obtained a visa to allow his client to return to Canada.

Deportation Order  2013

Client had deportation order and was already in transit back to his native country due to criminal convictions and a valid danger opinion.  Stay of Deportation granted.

Assertive And Attentive Representation

Recent Notable Cases are some of the case results our lawyer acquired in the past representations in British Columbia, Canada. Each case is unique and its defence and outcome will vary depending on various factors. No matter how complicated your situation seems to you currently, find out how Paul E. Briggs Law in Surrey BC Canada can help you.  Our lawyer is committed to providing his clients with high-quality criminal defence against all types of criminal charge. Contact us today to book your Free Initial Consultation.

Surrey Assau

Boarder Seizure And Deportation Lawyer In Surrey BC Canada

With over 20 years experience Paul E. Briggs Law can assist you by providing comprehensive advice and representing our clients to take advantage of every procedural and legal protection that the law allows.

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