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Judge's Table : Surrey Drug Offence lawyer has represented many clients facing drug offences in Surr

Drug Offences Lawyer
In Surrey BC Canada

Have You Been Charged With A Drug Offence?

Drug Offence Lawyer in Surrey BC Canada

Have you been arrested for a serious drug offence? If you find yourself arrested for a drug offence you need to speak with experienced counsel immediately. I have represented every type of drug case over 20 years and can quickly assess your circumstances and provide clear reliable advice. Defending a drug case requires detailed knowledge of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and how it applies to you.Contact Paul E. Briggs Law in Surrey BC Canada to book your no-obligation Free Initial Consultation.

What is the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act?

The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act is a federal drug-control law in Canada. The Act has categories called “Schedules.”  Each controlled substance listed in the Act belongs to a certain Schedule. Schedule VI contains two Classes of precursors. Precursors are also regulated, since they can be synthesized in manufacturing controlled substances.  

What Drug-Related Criminal Offences Are Under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act?

While the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and the regulations made under the Act authorize exemptions for lawful activities for controlled substances and their precursors for various legitimate purposes such as scientific research, Part I of the Act sets out many types of criminal offences and punishments. Such criminal offences include : 

Possession for purpose of trafficking
Importing and exporting
Selling or trafficking 

Being charged with a serious drug offence has a lot of legal jeopardy. If you are facing a serious drug change, it is in your best interest to retain an experienced criminal defence lawyer who has done many similar cases. Only an experienced criminal trial lawyer can provide a comprehensive evaluation of your particular case. Paul E Briggs has over 20 years of criminal defence experience and defended many serious drug cases successfully. Please contact him for a free initial consultation and he will use his extensive knowledge and experience to defend your case successfully. 

Criminal Defence Lawyer in Surrey BC Canada

Criminal Defence Lawyer In Surrey BC Canada

Assertive And Attentive Representation With Over 20 Years Experience

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