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Surrey BC Canada Drug Offence Lawyer's Notable Cases

Possession Of Controlled Substances At Airport 2015

Client was arrested at an airport carrying controlled substances in two suitcases. Mr. Briggs applied to exclude all evidence obtained from the arrest due to an unreasonable delay between our client's detention and arrest. The trial judge agreed and found the casual attitude of the Police Officer in waiting for the police dog to conduct a sniff search of the luggage constituted a serious violation of our client's rights and excluded the controlled substances from evidence which resulted in the acquittal of our client on all charges.

Conspiracy of Importation And Trafficking

Client was charged with conspiracy to import and traffic.  Acquitted of the most serious charge of importation.

Assertive And Attentive Legal Representation 

These Recent Notable Cases are some of the case results our lawyer acquired in the past representations in British Columbia, Canada. Each case is unique and its defence and outcome will vary depending on various factors. No matter how complicated your situation seems to you currently, find out how Paul E. Briggs Law in Surrey BC Canada can help you.  Our lawyer is committed to providing his clients with high-quality criminal defence against all types of criminal charge. Contact us today to book your Free Initial Consultation.

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