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Surrey BC Canada Robbery Lawyer

Charged With Robbery And Other Offences 2018

Client was charged with robbery and other offences.  The matter was set for trial. Several months before the trial, Mr. Briggs made submissions on behalf of his client claiming there was no intention to rob the complainant and the complainant had been the one that assaulted the client. Based on these submissions all charges were dropped and the client had no criminal record as a result of Mr. Briggs’ defense.

Assertive Representation

Recent Notable Cases are some of the case results our lawyer acquired in the past representations in British Columbia, Canada. Each case is unique and its defence and outcome will vary depending on various factors. No matter how complicated your situation seems to you currently, find out how Paul E. Briggs Law in Surrey BC Canada can help you.  Our lawyer is committed to providing his clients with high-quality criminal defence against all types of criminal charge. Contact us today to book your Free Initial Consultation.

Surrey Robbery Lawyer
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