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Professional Regulation Lawyer In Surrey BC Canada

Professional Regulation Lawyer in Surrey

Professional Regulation and Discipline Lawyer In Surrey BC Canada

Have you been suspended from your professional association?

Have you found yourself facing suspension from your professional association? If you're in such a predicament, it's imperative to seek legal counsel without delay. The repercussions of a disciplinary hearing can significantly impact your professional standing and livelihood. Allegations of inappropriate conduct with a patient, client, or student, even in the absence of criminal charges, can lead to substantial consequences. It's crucial to address these accusations, as a comprehensive inquiry may unfold, producing pivotal findings of fact that could have enduring repercussions.


Given the often intertwined nature of criminal allegations and disciplinary proceedings, the most suitable legal expert to engage is typically a criminal lawyer well-versed in the intricacies of evidence rules and court procedures. More importantly, a criminal lawyer can grasp the nuanced interplay between evidence presented in a disciplinary hearing and its potential ramifications on a subsequent criminal trial.


Boasting over two decades of experience, Paul E. Briggs is well-equipped to harness his extensive knowledge and expertise. He can provide valuable guidance on the optimal strategies for defending yourself in any professional disciplinary hearing. If you're navigating the complexities of a potential suspension, Paul E. Briggs is here to support you.

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