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Surrey Driving Violation Lawyer’s Notable Cases


Leaving the Scene of An Accident


Client charged with leaving the scene of an accident after running over a cyclist, causing significant injuries. Mr. Briggs negotiated a rare conditional discharge after obtaining a psychological report. The client received no criminal record.


Immediate Roadside Suspension Of  90 Days 2021 

Client was served with an immediate roadside suspension of 90 days for refusing to provide a breath sample. Mr. Briggs conducted a review of the suspension. After preparing affidavits, medical evidence, legal submissions, and testimony from his client, the Adjudicator agreed with Mr. Briggs and cancelled the suspension.


Investigations For Impaired Driving At The Border 2021 

Client was investigated for impaired driving and refusing to provide a breath sample upon re-entering Canada at the border by the Canadian Border Agency. Due to the Border Service Officer's mishandling of evidence, Mr. Briggs was able to have the charge dropped prior to the trial. As a result, the client had no criminal record or driving prohibitions.

Judge and Gavel
Building a Strong Defense for Your Case

These recent noteworthy cases serve as testament to the successful outcomes our lawyer has secured in various representations across British Columbia, Canada. Every case is distinct, with its defense and resolution contingent on numerous factors. Regardless of how intricate your situation may appear, explore how Paul E. Briggs Law in Surrey, BC, Canada, can  assist you.

Solving Your Legal Issues in Surrey

As a Surrey lawyer with over two decades of experience, Paul E. Briggs Law is committed to providing exceptional legal services to those in Surrey and beyond. I understand that legal issues can be stressful, which is why I work tirelessly to provide personalized solutions for each of my clients.

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