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Surrey Deportation & Removal Order Immigration Lawyer In BC Canada

Immigration Defense - Protect Your Future

At Paul E. Briggs Law, our team of experienced immigration lawyers is dedicated to helping clients navigate the complex Canadian entry regulations, particularly post-conviction. We understand that seeking legal counsel or assistance from immigration experts can be daunting, which is why we provide tailored guidance and streamlined application processes to enhance the chances of successful entry or rehabilitation. We are committed to providing top-notch legal representation to all our clients.

Effective Strategies for Overcoming Inadmissibility

At Paul E. Briggs Law, we are committed to helping individuals who have been deemed inadmissible to Canada due to their criminal history. As immigration lawyers with years of experience, we understand the challenges that our clients face. Our mission is to provide our clients with comprehensive legal services that assist them in navigating the complex legal landscape of Canadian immigration. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you overcome criminal inadmissibility and achieve your immigration goals.

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Deportation Order 2016

Client was deported due to a criminal conviction. Mr. Briggs went to the Supreme Court of Canada and obtained a new hearing. After all criminal convictions were overturned, he prepared the immigration case and successfully obtained a visa to allow his client to return to Canada.
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Expert Guidance on Immigration Law

Q: What types of immigration cases does Paul E. Briggs Law represent?

A: Paul E. Briggs Law offers a wide range of immigration law services, including sponsorship applications, citizenship applications, and more.   We also represents our clients facing complex immigration issues such as inadmissibility, border seizures and appeals.


Q: How can I schedule my first consultation with Paul E. Briggs?    
A: To schedule a consultation with our lawyer at Paul E. Briggs Law, simply visit our website or contact us directly.  Take advantage of our 30-minute first consultation for $150 for your immigration matters.


Q: What is the cost of a consultation with Paul E. Briggs Law?  
A: Our hourly consultation fee starts from $300, which will be credited to your immigration case file fee if you decide to retain us. The cost of hiring an immigration lawyer for a specific application can vary depending on many factors including the immigration category. Please contact us for more information.

Signing a Contract

Immigration Lawyer’s 

30-Minute First Consultation for $150

Our Immigration Consultations give you the opportunity to discuss your case with a lawyer who can provide valuable insights and guidance. Take advantage of our 30-minute first consultation for $150 and see how we can help make your immigration journey a smooth one.

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Serving Surrey and Surrounding Areas

Looking for legal services in Surrey? Contact Paul E. Briggs Law today to schedule a consultation and let's discuss how we can assist you with your legal needs.

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