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Surrey Immigration Lawyer In BC Canada

Surrey Deportation / Removal Order And Boarder Seizure Lawyer In BC Canada

Deportation / Removal Order And Boarder Seizure Lawyer In Surrey BC Canada

Immigration Related Consequences to a Criminal Charge and/or Conviction

If you are in Canada either on a temporary or a permanent resident visa and you commit a criminal offence, there may be potentially serious consequences which you need to be aware of.  Under Immigration Law, any breach of the laws of Canada which include the criminal law is a breach of the terms of your visa. If you are in Canada to work, study, or visit, you are obligated to follow all the laws of Canada. 

Any immigration related consequences to a criminal charge or conviction often has a profound impact on the person concerned. If you find yourself in this situation, you need to seek advice from an experienced lawyer. Contact Paul E Briggs for a free initial consultation. Paul E Briggs can offer his extensive knowledge and experience to assist you in your case and provide detailed advice as to how best to win your case and most importantly remain in Canada. 

Surrey Immigration Lawyer

Deportation / Removal Order And Boarder Seizure Lawyer In Surrey BC Canada

With over 20 years experience Paul E. Briggs Law can assist you by providing comprehensive advice to take advantage of every procedural and legal protection that the law allows.

  • Border detention

  • Boarder Seizures 

  • People Smuggling

  • Removal Order

  • Deportation

Call Paul E. Briggs Law for more information on our legal services. Our phone line is available outside of regular office hours seven days a week.

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