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What does criminal inadmissibility mean?

Immigration Law

Criminal Inadmissibility

Have you been deemed criminally inadmissible to enter or remain in Canada? Engaging an immigration lawyer well-versed in Canadian Court procedures can be instrumental in guiding you through the intricacies of your criminal inadmissibility immigration concerns.

What does criminal inadmissibility mean?

It means that you are prohibited from entering or staying in Canada due to criminal grounds. These circumstances include criminal convictions that may have transpired within or outside of Canada.

Which types of offenses lead to criminal inadmissibility?

A wide range of criminal offenses and convictions, both minor and serious, can render an individual inadmissible to Canada.

Potential avenues to overcome criminal inadmissibility

Depending on various factors including the type of crime and how long ago it occurred, there may be avenues to overcome one's criminal inadmissibility. Even if you currently face inadmissibility, there may be potential pathways to regain admissibility or to be granted a temporary resident permit under certain circumstances. Depending on one's specific circumstances, these potential avenues for overcoming a determination of criminal inadmissibility may include :

  • Individual rehabilitation

  • Deemed rehabilitation

  • Record suspension or discharge

  • Temporary resident permit

As a Criminal Inadmissibility immigration lawyer based in Surrey, British Columbia, I have aided numerous individuals grappling with issues of criminal inadmissibility. It is crucial to understand that Canadian immigration and border services officers evaluate your criminal history in accordance with Canadian laws, including the Criminal Code of Canada, when considering your admissibility to Canada. With over two decades of experience in both criminal law and immigration law, I have represented clients at all levels of courts. If you are contending with criminal inadmissibility matters, reach out to Paul E. Briggs Law for a consultation.


What does criminal inadmissibility mean?
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